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The duck strap worked great. Hung 3 limits on it the first day. Thank you for a great product and customer service.

Thank you,
Johnny D

The duck straps have arrived and have been delivered to the recipients as their late Christmas gifts.  They were, like other products from you, excellent in workmanship and quality.  Well-received and a great gift item.  Now all that is needed is some successful duck hunts which is beyond your and my area of influence.  Thanks again for a great product.  

Gene F

Got my strap today, unfortunately not got to able to put anything on it till teal season. Looks great, I’ll for sure be sending you some customer your way and I’ve got to get some for some friends

Stephen T

Thanks so much. A really well made Duck Strap! Very professional, You can see  and feel the quality,

Armen S

I received your beautiful 6 bird strap. All I can say is WOW!!  Thank you.

Richard B

Got the strap in today. It looks incredible and is everything I was looking for. I’ve looked at them over the years but I thought them to be a splurge and never saw exactly what I wanted. I liked the idea of having something to pass on but everything I saw was too gaudy or western. This is old school, simple, and very well fashioned. Thanks for the help and patience with making it how I wanted! I’m sure I’ll be selling a few for you over this way.

Caleb W