About Us


Otis Leather Company was started in 2009 with just one side of leather, a few tools, and a desire to produce the finest, heavy weight leather game straps and dog supplies.  What was once just a hobby was turned into a business after the urging of many whom had won and used various items I had made for hunt test raffles and auctions.me-and-otis.jpg

Otis Leather Company is named after my oldest lab, Otis.  Having never owned a hunting dog, I purchased Otis in the fall of 2001.  At the time, I knew nothing about training a dog, so I sought the help of the folks at Texas Panhandle Hunting Retriever Club, an organization that would later become important in developing Otis Leather Company.  As Otis got older and started to turn into a waterfowling dog,  I started looking for unique training equipment that would help me be a better trainer.  What I found was neither unique nor made well, so I used my skills working with leather to start making leashes that would be functional and last for a long time.  Later, I made my first duck strap that would become the prototype for many of the products I make today.

Thank you for your interest in Otis Leather Company.  Please take a look around and make yourself at home.  I think you will see that I take great pride in producing the finest, hand-made hunting equipment possible.  Each and every item is produced one at a time, right here in the waterfowl rich Playa Lakes Region in the southern Texas Panhandle.

Thanks again for stopping by and happy hunting!

-John Todd,  owner